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Doctor Who: Worlds In Time MMO Details (Video Game)



As announced last week the BBC will be putting out a free-to-play browser based game based on the popular Doctor Who television Series, Doctor Who: Worlds In Time, being devemoped by California-based Three Rings.

Robert Nashak, the Executive Vice President of Digital Entertainment at BBC Worlwide, spoke with BigDownloads.com and clued us into some of the details.

"The idea of creating a similar online experience where fans can come together and share their passion for all things Doctor Who - it's simply too good to pass up," said Nashak.

Nashak fills us in that players will being helping the Doctor and facing classic Who Villains.

"In general, players will be able to help the Doctor stave off the forces of evil by thwarting the plots of classic villains from throughout the show's history. There will be a variety of quest types requiring different skills to keep the game constantly fresh and exciting," the VP explained.

What about players directly interacting with the good Doctor? And just which Doctor - or Doctors - will fans see? Well, Nashak wouldn't give specific details on that just yet, but did state that "fans of Doctor Who will be excited."

He also notes World in Time will support multiplayer capabilities and "will allow for collaboration on quests and encourage social play at every turn."

It was noted that Doctor Who usually doesn't try to use violence when solving problems, and when Nashak was questioned on how this would related to the game, he said, "The game embraces the Doctor's philosophy of using cleverness and wit above violence whenever possible. This allows us to create an innovative and interesting gameplay experience where players have to work together and be creative to solve problems, battle the forces of evil, and help save time and space. They also get to have a laugh."

Nashak finished with a few words of his own informing fans they are trying to bring the best game possible in conjuction with Three Rings, who are big Who fans as well. It's being developed by fans for fans with quality their number one concern.

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time will be rleased this Fall.

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