Doctor Who: Stormageddon From "Closing Time!" Images and Video

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09/25/2011 - 8:55pm


picI thought last night's episode of Doctor Who was a rather good one. While our U.K Correspondent Darren Blackburn tended to disagree, and wrote as much in his review of the episode, you just couldn't help yourself from liking - Stormageddon, Dark Lord Of All!

Stormageddon, also known as baby Alfie, spoke to the Doctor in baby talk during the episode, and was the son of Craig Owens played by James Corden.

What a cute little guy.

It's even being said that translated from the Greek, Stormageddon means "Fallen Silence!"

Take a look at a few more images below. Some fans have even started their own "Stormageddon" banners.

Also, you can find a little "Stormageddon" trailer below, as well.

He's a new internet sensation!

There is even a Doctor Who Stormageddon Facebook Fan Page!

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