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Doctor Who Jenna-Louise Coleman's Oswin Will Remain A "Soft Mystery"; Talks 2012 X-mas Special



For those wondering if Steven Moffat is going to explain just what was going on with Jenna-Louise Coleman's Oswin in the upcoming Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special, "The Snowmen" -- wonder no more.

You won't get any answers as Matt Smith's new companion tells EW it will remain a "soft mystery."

Uh… mmm… no. We’re going to have what has been referred to as a “soft mystery.” For me, filming, I’ve been totally oblivious to Oswin and the “Asylum of the Daleks.” I really have had to erase it from my memory. Yeah, Christmas is it’s own episode.

As Jenna-Louise Coleman states, the "official" first appearance of her character, said to be Clara, will be its own thing and she doesn't offer any clues either.

That’s why it’s so difficult [to talk about it]. Because of the way it started with Oswin, it’s really difficult to say much: where she’s from, what period she’s from, what planet she’s from, even.

Coleman also reveals that she wasn't even supposed to play Oswin at first in "Asylum of the Daleks."

It’s interesting actually — I think I can tell you this — that that was never the initial plan either, to have me be Oswin. That was part of a genius plan that Steven came up with half way through the audition process. That was already written but not written for what was to be the new companion.

And on working with Matt Smith, Coleman offers:

He is awe-inspiring. His work ethic just knows no bounds, really. It’s a work in progress and every day is something new and he’s incredibly creative and I feel like I’m learning more and more from him.

The 2012 Christmas Special airs Christmas Day on the BBC, check out the trailer below.

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