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The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for September 5th, 2012



The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile

By: Chris "DOC" Bushley


( A weekly quick pick of the five titles that should reside at the top of your pull list. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER! )


I do the research, you reap the reward! Before you head out to your favorite shop today, be sure to add these five titles to your list of goodies! Forget that "apple a day" nonsense, this "DOC's" prescription to good health starts with these top five books of the week!


1.  Archer and Armstrong #2:  Fred Van Lente is one of the most underrated writers in the world of comics today! This book is full of action, social commentary, history and comedy -- combining in a whirlwind of pure excitement that will leave you wanting more. Oh, and there are Nun Ninjas! Yep, Nun Ninjas! Awesome!

2.  Damsels #1:  Leah Moore and John Reppion's take of classic fairytale "damsels" is as fun and irreverent as we always wished they would be! Full of intrigue, this one will keep you pleasantly puzzled but never completely confused. Plus, you have to check out the cover by J. Scott Campbell -- stunning!

3.  Fashion Beast #1:  Not to be outdone by his daughter, Mr. Alan Moore dredges up a play he wrote decades ago with fashion mogul Malcolm Mclaren, revolving around a modernized tale of high fashion and Beauty and the Beast. Antony Johnston's adaption to comic form from Moore's play, is quite curious and engaging, making us ponder just what is more important in life.

4.  Punisher #15:  The dual pistoled duo brings down the house in this bombastic issue! The Punisher and Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves, have taken the fight to the Exchange's doorstep and not everyone will make it out alive! A great book with a great character that deserves so much more than going to space!

5.  Green Lantern #0:  Questions run rampant in this origin tale of the latest Green Lantern -- Simon Baz! Although forged by his religious beliefs, he is so much more than the shackles the government places on him for them! Cool character that may or may not be worthy of the ring upon his finger! Check out the full review!

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