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Chris Bushley

The DOC Looks Back At 2010


  2010 is almost over and comic book fans have had a roller coaster ride of a year. Huge ups and tremendous downs, whether it made you sick to your stomach or scream with delight, it was a great ride - and 2011 promises to be even better. The following list contains my opinions solely. They do not reflect the opinions of anyone else at CBN and are specific to books that I have read. If I didn't include your favorite book or story, I apologize. But now it gives you the chance to make your own list in the forums and completely trash mine. That is the best part about this site - YOU have a say in what goes on here and it gives us a chance to haggle about the media we love best -- COMICS! So buckle up and let's ride! BEST ONGOING THE WALKING DEAD BEST WRITER:  Robert Kirkman  Whether it be The Walking Dead, Invincible or Haunt, Kirkman always brings a humanity to his characters that makes you feel vested in the story so much more than anything the Big Two have done in years. And to do that while writing in three different genres is truly amazing! BEST ON-GOING SERIES:  The Walking Dead Never has a horror book been so well done that it gathers new readers each and every month, don't believe me? -- just ask AMC! BEST SINGLE ISSUE:  Fables #100 Not only does this book have a great story that closes one arc while opening another, but it has a celebrity Q&A, a cut-out puppet theater with figures - and it's very own playable board game! That's the way all 100th issues should be! BEST ONE-SHOT:  Hellboy/Beasts of Burden: Sacrifice This was two great tastes that taste great together! A compelling story of friendship and loss that was both moving and fun! BEST MINI-SERIES:  X-Force: Sex and Violence An awesome read that brought back the team of Kyle, Yost and Dell'Otto for one final crazy story that completely lived up to it's title!  BEST GN A GOD SOMEWHERE BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL:  A God Somewhere John Arcudi's tale of what a man would really do if given super powers, a read that truly brings the humanity into a genre that seems to be lacking so much of it. BEST INTERIOR ARTIST:  Roberto De La Torre  His visuals are awe-inspiring and convey the perfect mood for the dark tone of the Daredevil series. BEST COVER ARTIST:  Mauro Cascioli If you have not seen his amazing covers for Green Arrow you are missing the chance to see a genius at work! BEST NEW BOOK:  American Vampire Scott Snyder's vision of a new breed of vampire has been both gripping and intense, a bombastic tale that leaves you wanting more! BOOK THAT COULDN'T LIVE UP TO THE HYPE:  X-Men #1 Just because everyone suddenly loves vampires doesn't mean they belong everywhere - I'll say it -- this series sucked! MOST IRREVERENT COVER:  The Boys #48 Sorry Dark Knight fans - this cover is great! BEST BANTER:  Deadpool, Uncanny X-Force #1: "Puckering in my posterior -- a warning perhaps?" BIGGEST FLOP:  Image United What could have been one of the coolest ideas in comic history turned out the way everyone expected it - a giant pile of monkey dung! Did this thing even wrap up, yet? Oh, I forgot, no one cares! BEST SECRET THE STUFF OF LEGEND BEST SECRET STASH:  The Stuff Of Legend This book has a richness to it that completely ensnares you into it's world. It is dark and moving -- and deserves more press than most comics out there! If you are looking for something that is outside the world of super heroics, this is the perfect book for you.  THE BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT OF 2010:  Brightest Day Not only was this book so lackluster that most readers I know dropped it after the first few issues,  DC banner tagged so many other series that could have been much better books if they didn't have to placate to what was going on in the core Brightest Day book! Coming off of the success of Blackest Night, fans expected - and deserved - so much more from Geoff Johns than what they got! BEST MOMENT:  Getting asked to write for Cosmic Book News! -- I may not know cosmic that well, but I sure have fun writing about the stuff I've read for over twenty years and nothing beats that! (Glad to you you aboard, Chris! -Matt) Well that's my opinion spread out for all to see. Like it, dislike it, that's up to you. So why don't you tell us what you think, go to the forums and tell us what made your 2010 list. So to all of you out there, Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what comes next!