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Matt McGloin

Director Matthew Vaughn F-Bombs Leaked X-Men: First Class Photo



The director of X-Men: First Class, Matthew Vaughn, had some choice words regarding the leaked X-Men: First Class cast image that had the internet in an uproar yesterday.

The Director personally called and gave his two cents:

“I freaked out on them yesterday. I don’t know where the hell that came from. I don’t think it’s a Fox image. It’s not a pre-approved image. When I found out, I said, what the fuck is this shit, and Fox is running around trying to figure out what happened as well. I agree. It’s like a bad photoshop, which maybe it was by someone. It didn’t reflect the movie. I was shocked when I saw it. I was like ‘Jesus Christ’…"

Vaughn states he doesn't know what the image is - if so, why then even remark on the image? I would say, this isn't just a fan-made pic (as some tend to create their own movie posters and such) and the characters depicted are actually real photos/concept art. More than likely, someone at Fox created this from genuine Studio images using photo imaging software - or it's the real deal. Otherwise, Fox would have just stated it was a fake.

Vaughn goes on, trying to appease the fans reaction:

“I’m a fan of X-Men. We’re not bastardizing X-Men, I’m trying to get them back to being whole again."

Then comments on the costumes (as they look horrendous in the above pic):

"The costumes are blue and yellow as well, because fuck it, lets take it back it the original. Also, by the way, those costumes are hardly in the movie. The main costumes are like these cool 60’s James Bond…”

The director then released stills from the movie - that are apparently approved.

Hey, maybe it's a good thing someone leaked these images. I wonder if whoever did so at Fox, felt the same as a majority of us - and now things might be changing!

X-Men: First Class opens June 3rd, 2011 and is directed by Matthew Vaughn and produced by Bryan Singer.