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Matt McGloin

Diamond Hires Granny Goodness To Nab Local Comic Shops!



It's being reported since Diamond now ships comics a day earlier on Tuesdays - but shops are not allowed to sell them until Wednesday - that the comic book distributor has hired "secret shoppers" to bust shops that break their contract. (The agreement between Diamond and Local Comic Shops states that if they receive the books early they can't sell them until Wednesday.)

If a shop is found to sell the comics early, they are penalized in the form of fines and won't receive their books until Wednesday.

So how the heck is Diamond "policing" shops?

Reports are coming in that "little old ladies" are walking into shops on Tuesdays asking for specific comics. This past Tuesday issues of Spawn #200, Batman & Robin #19 and Amazing Spider-Man #651 were requested. Apparently, Diamond has hired "secret shoppers" - from what company is anybody's guess! (lol!)

So any local comic shops that see a new "customer" in the form of a nice little old lady - watch out! That might be Granny Goodness there to take you out - sent by Darkseid..err..Diamond Distributors!

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the info!

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