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Matt McGloin

Diamond Download Points On The Way?


Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool posted an interesting scoop. Seems Diamond is trying to get into the digital side of comic sales and is starting to reach out to comic shops and publishers. You can head on over to BC to read reactions and such, but this got me wondering how Diamond would get LCS's to participate - and make money. If you have a Wii, you know you can download games via a Wii Points Card. It's basically a pre-paid card that is set at various amounts - much like pre-paid cell phone cards. For instance, you might get 2000 points for around $20.00. You can then trade in these points to download games, which vary in the amounts of points it costs to download as well. Is Diamond going with a similar model? For example: On Wednesday, you head to your lcs to pick up your must read comics for the week. At the counter you see a display with Diamond Download Point cards. You pick one up and get a couple thousand points. At home, via the Diamond Digital reader, you enter the code and now can purchase and download the books. Marvel might set their Avengers titles at 250 points while Spidey is 150. You get the picture. Once your points are all used - time to buy more! You can see how everyone makes money. The lcs doesn't have to pay shipping charges ($18.00 a box I am told - yep, even for freebies) plus whatever the mark-up is on the cards. The Publishers save in printing cost and Diamond makes some as well. I'll leave the exact figures to the number crunchers. Of course this brings up the question whether or not the Diamond Download Points would be available online or through whatever reader they come up with. Perhaps, this is answered in Rich's article as a Diamond rep confirms, "Diamond Comic Distributors has been working on a digital program which will be entirely focused on driving sales of Digital comic related content through brick and mortar comic book specialty retailers."