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DC Comics New 52: Third Batch Reviewed!


The third batch of new issues from DC Comics hits stands, and Cosmic Book News has all the reviews covered once again!

Check out below what CBN thought of them, and you can head on over here for last week's reviews and the first batch's, as well.

My top two: Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman

Next best: Captain Atom

Sleeper hit: Red Hood and the Outlaws

Solid gold: Green Lantern Corps, Batman

Worst Of The Bunch: Legion Of Super-Heroes, DC Universe Presents: Deadman


REVIEWS (click title for full review):

Batman #1 (Snyder & Capullo)

A book that let's Bruce Wayne shine from behind the shadow of the Bat. Snyder and Capullo have made it all fun again!


Wonder Woman #1 (Azzarello & Chiang)

DC has up and done it, again! A book I will continue reading - and all thanks to the New 52!


Blue Beetle #1 (Bedard & Guara)

Tony Bedard and Ig Guara gives us an absolutely incredible and accessible first issue, one that is set against a backdrop of cosmic intrigue and action.


Captain Atom #1 (Krul & Williams II)

J.T. Krul plants the seed of something incredible with the debut of Captain Atom #1.


Supergirl #1 (Green, Johnson, & Asrar)

Superman fans are going to love this one as Green, Johnson, & Asrar give us a Supergirl heavily grounded in the Man of Steel mythos.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (Lobdell & Rocafort)

In two words this book is - pure energy! Action-packed, exciting and sexy, Lobdell and Rocafort have created the sleeper hit of week three!


Legion Of Super-Heroes #1 (Levitz & Portela)

The issue has its share of problems as it felt inaccessible to new readers, with the story just too hard to keep track of.


Green Lantern Corps #1 (Tomasi & Pasarin)

Not a true "reboot," but comes off as fresh and exciting as the best of them! Tomasi and Pasarin have created the best Lantern book so far!


Catwoman #1 (Winick & March)

Winick pleasantly surprised me with Batwing #1, so I came into Catwoman thinking only good thoughts.


Nightwing #1 (Higgins & Barrows)

Overall, an average read. I like the concept of “getting into Dick’s head,” but this can also be accomplished with more interesting dialogue and dramatic panels.


Birds of Prey #1 (Swierczynski & Saiz)

Diehard fans of Birds of Prey may find some redemption within these pages, but I do not. Save your money for Batwoman #2 because this book is a pass.


DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 (Jenkins & Chang)

Sadly, this is one of the few of the New 52 that have not met my expectations.


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