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Matt McGloin

DC Comic Book Sales Crush Marvel in December 2010!


Well, maybe not "crush," but I am not over the fact that Nova and Star-Lord have gone the way of the Cancerverse - having disappeared. So, I think you can forgive me. Anyway, Newsarama posted the early sales data for December 2010 which does show DC to come out on top. Head to head, DC took 8 out of the top 10 books! See, I told you - crushed! DC takes the top 7 books, with Marvel's only two being their Avenger books from Bendis at the eighth and ninth spot. Is this what Marvel fears (couldn't resist)? With DC's recent price cuts, company-wide changes, a rather diverse line of comics and a blockbuster movie in the works - could this be a super year for the home of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash? Dollar for dollar, DC squeezed by at 33.07% Dollar Share to Marvel’s 32.28%. Newsarama also states comic book sales were up for December compared to November, but compared to the previous year - were down 7.45%. Here are the top ten: BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #1 GREEN LANTERN #60 BRIGHTEST DAY #15 BRIGHTEST DAY #16 GREEN LANTERN #61 BATMAN INCORPORATED #2 BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 NEW AVENGERS #7 AVENGERS #8 BATMAN #705 Head on over to Newsarama to view the top 100.