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Matt McGloin

Days of Our Lives Eric Martsolf is the Smallville Booster Gold



Earlier today is was revealed by, that Days of our Lives actor Eric Martsolf will be playing the character of Booster Gold in the 17th episode of Smallville, "Booster."

"Booster" is scheduled for a March 4th release and is being directed by Tom Welling.

Geoff Johns, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, who wrote "Booster" also penned last seasons JSA episode. Johns also writes the Green Lantern comic book and is Co-Producer on the Green Lantern Movie. At one time Johns also wrote the Booster Gold comic as well. Johns had this to say on the "Booster" episode, "You’ll see Beetle’s origin, Booster first meeting Clark and Lois and maybe a cameo by someone from Kord Industries."

The Blue Beetle (Booster's side-kick) has also been named with actor Jaren Brandt Bartlett getting the role.

In the comics, Booster Gold (Michael John Carter) is a time traveling super hero from the 25th century, originally born in Gotham City where he was a popular college athlete. However, things went south as he was caught betting on and fixing games. This led him to become a nightwatchmen at a local museum where he learned about the 20th century super heroes. Carter stole advanced equipment (Legion flight ring and Braniac 5's forcefield belt) and traveled back in time to become a "super hero," make a name for himself - and a bit of money.


Carter set up shop in Metropolis where he quickly rose in ranks when he saved the President of the United States from an assassination. This led to commercial endorsements and much fame which caused resentment among his fellow super heroes. Booster was asked to join the JLA where it was discovered that he, along with the Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), embezzled funds to create a gaming resort. Booster left in disgrace.

It was eventually revealed that Booster would become the greatest super hero in the world, as it has been hinted that Booster plays a big role in the future of humanity. However, due to Booster being a time traveler, he ends up still pretending to be a disgraced fortune seeker as not to cause any villains to attempt to alter his timestream by going after his family or himself in different time periods. Only the World's Greatest Detective knows the truth - Batman, and Booster can not tell anyone else his secret.