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Dan Trachtenberg To Direct Y: The Last Man Movie


4972 The Y: The Last Man movie has found its director in Dan Trachtenberg.

Deadline reports the news that New Line Cinema took notice of Trachtenberg with his "fan" trailer short for the video game PortalPortal: No Escape.

This looks to be Dan Trachtenberg's biggest project to date, with the director also attached to Universal's Crime of the Century.

Y: The Last Man was a DC Comics Vertigo comic book that began in 2002 from Brian K. Vaughn that saw a 60 issue run. The series was well-received, scoring numerous Eisner Awards. 

The plot of Y: The Last Man centers around just that -- the last man on Earth, actually one of two last males of all the mammals, with the other being Yorick Brown's pet monkey. The series sees various post-apocalyptic and political themes play into the mix with Brown visiting geneticists, presidents and secret agents.

Our own Ken Porter recently covered Y: The Last Man in his Alt Beat comic book column, "This series is a good-old fashioned combination of apocalypse, road trips, and a study of the human condition. Superhero comics can give us action on a fantastic scale, but Y: The Last Man delivers action and adventure in a realistic science fiction setting. The stakes are always high and the situations vary with every issue."

Here is the Portal: No Escape short:

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