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Dan DiDio Addresses Crisis On Infinite Earths and the new DCU


crisis on infinite earthsI suppose fans of the DC Comics of old are in a crisis of their own with having issues with the new reboot, particularly with Crisis On Infinite Earths, and if and how it connects to the past of the new DCU. 

Co-Publisher Dan DiDio took to his Facebook to address the issue. While DiDio doesn't exactly state Crisis never took place, it more or less seems like they just won't be addressing it. Now whether or not that is a good or bad thing is up to the individual reader, but as I was never big into DC, anything that can make the sailing a little smoother isn't bad at all, at least in my book.

Here is what DiDio posted:

For those in crisis over Crisis, let me clarify. The topic of Crisis was much discussed among the editors and talent working on The New 52. With so many characters and histories restarting, major events like Crisis are harder to place when they work for some and not for others. (that was one of the problems coming out of the original Crisis). While we are starting aprx five years into our heroes’ lives, we are focused on the characters present and future, and past histories will be revealed as the stories dictate. Yes, there have been “crisis” in our characters lives, but they aren’t exactly the Crisis you read before, they can’t be. Now, what this means for characters seen and unseen…… well, that’s the fun of The New 52, infinite stories, infinite possibilities, with the best yet to come.
Thanks, as always for your interest and enthusiasm in The New 52. DD
P.S. that’s the last time I try and answer a Facebook question before rushing out for dinner. :)

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