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CW's Arrow Reveals Merlyn?


We may have another DC Comics character appearing in CW's new hit series, Arrow, and it looks to be Merlyn.

The latest comic book appearance of Merlyn in the DCU happened in the New 52 Green Arrow revealing Merlyn to be an old friend of Oliver's who was caught in some kind of explosion and eventually went on to work for Talia al Ghul.

Now, Tommy Merlyn is already featured in the series, does he go on to become the nemesis to Oliver or is this a new "Merlyn?"

Check out the batch of images from the Arrow episode, "Year's End," which airs Wednesday, December 12th at 8pm ET on the CW.


Oliver (Stephen Amell) discovers that after he and his father went missing, Moira (Susanna Thompson) and Thea (Willa Holland) stopped celebrating Christmas. Determined to make up for lost time and restore a sense of normalcy to the Queen household, Oliver decides to throw the family a Christmas party. Meanwhile, Tommy (Colin Donnell) asks Laurel (Katie Cassidy) to spend Christmas with him but she points out that Christmas was also her sister’s Sara’s birthday and she needs to be with her father. Tommy suggests changing things up might be the best way for everyone to heal but Laurel isn’t sure her father is ready for that.

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