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CW Exploring Other DC Comics Properties For TV; Update On Wonder Woman "Amazon"



A new Wonder Woman television show is in the cards from the CW, "Amazon," and now we learn that they are also looking at other DC Comics properties to adapt.

With the huge success of Smallville, followed by their latest DC Comics adaptation which has been a hit, "Arrow," the CW might just be on to something.

Arrow is more in line with the popular Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy, which most likely has been a reason for its success -- of course as well as the storylines and acting by the likes of Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell.

The new Wonder Woman show will see a young Diana set in the present day who first comes to the world of man. Not much else is known, but the CW is currently looking at actresses - both new and veteran - to cast.

We also learn that the CW is looking at other DC Comics properties, as CW President Mark Pedowitz let is be known, as THR reports, "Pedowitz suggested that his team would continue to explore other DC properties as well."

Here's the full listing:

While the network has yet to order a pilot this season, there is strong buzz surrounding the CW's Wonder Woman prequel. "We're waiting to see the script and we're busy casting Diana," the executive said from the stage. "Hopefully the script works the way we want." Pedowtiz told THR following the panel that the origin story of Dianna Prince would be set in the present day -- instead of the character's original World War II-era origin -- with the network looking at both new and established actresses for the part. Pedowitz suggested that his team would continue to explore other DC properties as well.

What other DC Comics characters would make a could television show?

Arrow currently airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.

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