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Matt McGloin

Chris Roberson's Superman To Travel Outside of Space and Time


CHRIS ROBERSON DC may just be getting their stuff together when it comes to Superman. In recent years, we have seen the Green Lantern titles built into a successful franchise. Batman has become a force to reckon with as proven by recent sales. Geoff Johns has made it a point of saying he wants The Flash to be the equivalent to his Green Lantern. Even Wonder Woman is getting some attempt at a make over. There there is Superman. JMS walked on-board with his "grounded" storyline where Supes walks from city to city shaking hands and kissing babies. I didn't buy into that for one second - really, I didn't buy one issue. Then JMS hit the bricks and off to greener pastures he went. So that type of story wasn't a big hit with fans. What was DC to do? Enter Chris Roberson, who will be taking over the reigns of Superman on next week's Superman #707. The Dallas TX, native was recently interviewed by the Forth Worth TV station WFAA-TV, from which the majority of the following is condensed. First of all, Chris Roberson is a life-long fan, comparing his belief in Superman to the way some believe in Jesus. Regardless what you get out of that statement, it does show one thing - that this writer is serious and dedicated. Furthermore, the article goes on to state that this dedication is supported by the fact that Roberson lives and breathes the "geek-culture." His house is filled with comics, trades and original art. Roberson is a big science-fiction fan as well, "Everything from Saturday-morning cartoons to comic books to late-night B-movies to pulp novel reprints to blockbuster summer movies--it was all science fiction, in one form or another," the writer stated in an interview with The Eternal Night. In 2003, he created his own sci-fi imprint, MonkeyBrain Books, which he runs with his wife. He also has written various sci-fi novels including, 'a time-travel/alternate history romp called "Here, There & Everywhere,"' with sequels. From there he eventually wound up at Vertigo with Jack of Fables and I, Zombie. Currently, Roberson also pens the cosmic title for Boom! Studios - Stan Lee's Starborn. So which direction will Roberson be taking Superman? On a side note, how many times have you heard that a character like Superman is difficult to write - both from writers and editors? Or that Superman is dull and something of a symbol of times long past? Well, Roberson's words speak wonders as he addresses both of those points. Roberson says he never found Superman to be boring and that, "There are enough insane ideas in a 12-page Superman story from the 1960s to sustain a current comic for a year." He goes on: "The standard knock on Superman is that he is so powerful, what can you give him to do that is interesting?" Roberson said. "Well, that's the writer's job, give him something to do. If he's having to stop muggers, it's going to get old fast. If he's having to travel outside of space and time and sing a certain note to restart the universe, that is really cool to me." A few days ago, the DC Blog The Source revealed the following image: We can't say for certain which direction Roberson will be taking the Man of Steel, but it does look to be going up, up and away! "Superman #707" flies into stores January 12th!