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CBN Twitter Wars: Batman Vs. Superior Spider-Man: Wacker & Slott Started It!


5391 Perhaps unbeknownst to Dan Slott and Stephen Wacker I actually spoke and met with them at the 2011 NYCC as I was called up on stage to read an early copy of Avenging Spider-Man #1.

It was QnA time and I had stepped up to tell the panel my thoughts on Spider-Man, specifically "One More Day," which I referred to as "One More Dollar," with editor Stephen Wacker chiming in with a few quips like he is (now?) known for.

My point wasn't actually to rip on Spidey, but to give Dan Slott a compliment as I stated that I had stopped all my Spider-Man reading with "One More Dollar," but decided to give Slott's new Amazing Spider-Man a try since I needed to satisfy my Spider-Man craving. They asked me how many issues I had to read to get onboard and I replied only one -- the first one. With that, I was reading Avenging Spider-Man #1, and when completed told Wacker it was better than Justice League #1 (it was).

Little did I know then what I do now and that was CBN's two favorite books, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, would be relaunched under the Wacker banner. We actually stopped Axel Alonso as he was walking through the con - to his surprise - and asked about Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, to which he replied "we love them."

Yeah, right.

Well, Wacker also edits the Spider-Man books (quite fitting if you have been following any of the Loeb Nova news) and back in December he made a remark that Superior Spider-Man is Batman.

Then in today's preview for Superior Spider-Man #3 Dan Slott included a jab at Batman, specifically the Bat Signal, with it mentioned that all of Spider-Man's (read: Batman's) foes would be able to find him as the light would point to his location.

I raised an eyebrow at this and figured Dan Slott - who has written Batman before (see below) - just missed the entire point of the Bat signal.

Well, Dan took to his Twitter to begin a Twitter War with @Cosmic Book News, where we've apparently been graced with Slott's presence as he's unblocked us.

CBN reviewer and Managing Editor Chris Bushley (not on Twitter) wanted to fire one back at Dan offering the following about today's issue of Superior Spider-Man #2:

"Ask him how many times he had to watch Ghost in order to write Superior #2!"

So for those who aren't on Twitter enjoy the show:


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