Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 1 year 21 weeks ago

Bryan Singer Announces Next X-Men Movie With Apocalypse


With X-Men: Days Of Future Past being about time travel and possible alternate timelines, it's possible Bryan Singer and Fox Studios could be leading to the Age of Apocalypse, the popular comic book storyline from the 90s.

Earlier, Bryan Singer announced that a new X-Men movie will be coming in 2016 and will feature the villain, Apocalypse.

Singer didn't release any other info. Just the following:



Apocalypse has ties to the mutant Cable as well. With Cable looking to be a major character as a part of Jeff Wadlow's X-Force movie, which comes out in 2016, perhaps Singer is hinting that Apocalypse could be the villain for that movie.


Apparently the movie title might be "X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse" with a May 27, 2016 release date as a second tweet from a box office Twitter account says Fox Studios gave official word.

It's unknown how the X-Force movie will fit in, or if there has been a name change.


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