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Byron Brewer

The Brewer Report: Ulik The Troll


Troll Road: The Evolutionary War   By Byron Brewer, Managing Editor   [[wysiwyg_imageupload:84:]]Now this is the way to begin a story arc, even if it is for a limited series! Scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have you invested in their quasi-cosmic tale of Iron Man and Thor already with issue #1, but the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae is the return of a King Kirby classic: Ulik the troll! And a powered-up Ulik, at that, assumingly thanks to the High Evolutionary. First featured in Thor #137 (1967), Ulik belongs to a race of Rock Trolls (no guitars, though, lol) who live in the former dimension of Asgard in the "Domain of Trolls" in Nornheim. Like all trolls, Ulik has an innate hatred of the Asgardians as they were driven underground by All-Father Odin and forbidden to live on the surface. During his long existence, Ulik was once commanded by the Rock Troll king, Geirrodur, to steal Thor's enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, before an attempt to invade Asgard, leading to an extended series of battles with the Thunder God. Ulik proved to be a match for Thor, as the character possesses tremendous strength – but was also then equipped with “knuckle dusters” made of the metal uru (the same metal of which Mjolnir is composed). Ulik was Thor’s nemesis on a regular basis: battling the Thunder God and being thrown down a deep hole before accidentally waking Odin's former foe, Mangog (another Kirby Kosmic great!), hoping he can be used as an ally against Asgard after reading an inscription on the prison door by Odin; aiding Geirrodur once again; kidnapping Thor's mortal love, Jane Foster; and battling Thor for possession of a mystic artifact called the Ruby Eye. The character has also travelled to Earth and battled both Thor and his old pal, Hercules (now chief hero of the ongoing Chaos War). During the World War Hulk storyline, Ulik resurfaced and was shown to have gone on a multi-state drinking binge. He ended up destroying a train bridge with the disaster being averted by A-Bomb and Marlo Chandler. When Ulik started choking Marlo, he was defeated by A-Bomb. Now Ulik is back on Midgard again, apparently one of the High Evolutionary’s elite! Let’s hope he has some good scenes and at least a couple more slopperknockers with the Thunder God before DnA conclude this “Earth-centric” cosmic yarn!