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Review: Bomb Queen Volume VI - #4 of 4





Writer/Artist:  Jimmie Robinson

Colorist:  Paul Little

Publisher: Image

Release Date: February 2nd, 2011


Volume 6 of my favorite villain comic concludes with this issue and I have to say that what started out as a promising volume of the series ended – for me – with disappointment.

As I’ve said before, Bomb Queen works best as a satire or parody of typical comics themes, popular culture, or politics.  BQ also works best when she’s punishing those who righteously deserve punishment.  The first two issues of this volume worked wonderfully in that regard – and even issue three redeemed itself before it ended (except for the death of one protagonist).  Issue four descends – unfortunately – into indulgence of BQ’s baser violent instincts directed indiscriminately toward the innocents of the world as literally untold millions are dealt death undeservedly.  It is at that point that the humor evaporates, BQ becomes completely unsympathetic, and the comic story descends into indulgence of violence, gore, and some sexual titillation.

Now, I’ll be the last one to complain about violence, gore, and sexual titillation – but I do like it to be more entertaining than disheartening.  This issue ends Volume 6 on a disheartening, nihilistic note. 

For those who hate Obama, you’ll love this issue as BQ pretty much beats and dismembers him after she murders his staff and his entire family including the dog.  She also destroys quite a bit of the nation in the process and ends things up with a surprise on the last page reveal as to who is the real father of her child.  Don’t know how this is going to jibe with Image Universe continuity.  I’d think Invincible would step in and stop something like this (unless it happened while he was in space).

I’m not sure where Robinson is going to go with this character after this volume, but I hope he drops the nihilism and gets back to the satire and parody that makes BQ the fun read that it normally is.

As usual, Robinson’s art is outstanding and Little’s coloring is a fine complement to it –  making the reading experience pleasing, shocking at times, and titillating at other times.

This issue is sure to be controversial among BQ fans and comics readers in general.  It’s not a good issue to start reading this series – so if you’ve never read BQ before, start with the Volume I TPB and work your way forward.  If you start with this issue you probably won’t read what came before it and that would be a shame as BQ is normally an outstanding comic by any standard.  This issue ranks only mediocre.