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Blue Water March 2011 Solicitations


Tony & Cleo: Graphic NovelRetail Price: $17.99 Writer: Kenton Daniel & Ken Cottingham Pencils: DaFu Yu Cover Artist(s): DafuConjured from the pages of Legend of Isis, Bluewater introduces its newest female force --- Cleopatra.  From the swirling mists of time, emerges an ancient queen besieged by a host of modern problems. The clock is ticking as Cleo and her hard as nails bodyguard, Tony, discover a murderous plot by a mysterious threat.   Meanwhile, a demented killer makes his presence know in the bowels of the city. The book included the two “Legend of Isis” issues that started off the hit series. FCBD: THE MISADVENTURES OF ADAM WESTWriter: Reed Lackey Pencils: Russell Dauterman Cover Artist(s): by Matt BellisleThe Man, The Myth, The Amulet? Legendary star of the small and silver screen, ADAM WEST, has his career youth-enized in this hip-whimsical,trans-dimensional epic of an adventure. When a mysterious fan delivers an exotic amulet to Mr. West's doorstep he is Dorothy-fied on an oddysey that will change his career, his love life and inadvertently make him the man that saves the universe! Paparazzi #1Writer: Adam Gragg Pencils: Gregg Paulsen Cover Artist(s): Gregg PaulsenLos Angeles; some call it the city of angels, others call it a cesspool of debauchery and self indulgence, but whatever you choose to call it, one thing is clear; L.A. is where all the action is. When an entertainment newspaper stops covering celebrity tabloids and starts to focus on the superhero community, all Hell breaks loose. From closeted capes, to drugged out Do-Gooders, no one is safe from the poison pen of Sara Michaels and her award winning snake of a photographer, Glenn Barry. From the people who brought you The Legend of Isis, Tenth Muse and Wrath of the Titans, comes a new type of comic book that explores what goes on under the spandex, and we aren't talking Botox! Atlas: Greetings From Earth: graphic novelWriter: Darren G. Davis & Bob Larner Pencils: Nadir Balan Cover Artist(s): cover: Nadir Balan“Creative Child magazine's” book of the year gets an sequel.  After tackling the planets, Atlas is now taking a tour of the earth in this new book for all ages.  Commanding the Titans in their war against the Olympians, Atlas was forced to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. His life was a tragic story of a lone God fighting boredom on Mount Olympus. However, monitoring the earth from above, Atlas watched Earth change and the emergence of super powered beings donning capes and tights. Growing restless and craving adventure, Atlas decided to take the world in his hands and becomes one of the Earth's newest heroes. Female Force: Ruth Handler The creator of BarbieWriter: Tara Broeckel Ooten Pencils: Neil Alexander Cover Artist(s): 1 cover: Micha_ SzyksznianFor over fifty years, Barbie has helped young girls come of age in the midst of an ever-changing social climate, but what do we really know about her?  Female Force: Barbie tells the story of how America's favorite fashion doll emerged from the seedy underworld of German sex symbols and cigarette shop gag gifts to become one of history's most iconic women. FAME: Britney SpearsWriter: CW Cooke Pencils: Ricardo Jaime Cover Artist(s): 1 covers: Ricardo JaimeBritney Spears --  the most famous superstar of the 21st century.What does it take to reach those heights in the Internet Age?  What are the hidden costs when every move makes the headlines?  More than an entertainment powerhouse.  More than a dancer and musician. Britney Spears is a survivor! The Claw and the Fang #3Author(s): Mike Kutcher Artist(s)  Matias Basla Cover Artist(s): A: Matias BaslaNoc rescues Justin from the clutches of the Four and the eternal adventure is realized when Justin begins to comprehend the power given to him by the Firewoman. Eremon, the warrior king that once was, is once again and must now save both Earth and the Spirit World from the evil demon Noro. Political Power: Hillary Clinton #1Writer: Jerome Maida Pencils: Laura Guzzo Cover Artist(s): 1 cover: Laura GuzzoHillary Clinton was considered an inevitable nominee for President before losing a hard-fought battle with Barack Obama in 2008. As has been the case throughout her life, her defeat was not an ending but the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Find out how two bitter rivals joined in common cause to help her become perhaps the most high-profile Secretary of State we've ever had, learn of her accomplishments and exploits while at the post and see the hints that have been dropped that make another run for President against incumbent Barack Obama in 2012 not only possible but likely. Too tough to do, some will say. But as this comic shows, they don't come any tougher than Hillary Clinton. Missile to the Moon: Graphic novelRetail Price: $15.99 Writer: Jason Schultz & Darren G. Davis Pencils: John Polacek Cover Artist(s): John PolacekAn all new graphic novel based on the beloved camp classic from the golden drive-in era!  Two escaped cons stow away on a flight to the moon and discover a race of alien women ruled by a fierce and sadistic queen. Each issue will feature never before seen artwork and footage from the Legend Films vault. Nanny & Hank: Retirement is Hell: graphic novelRetail Price: $15.99 Writer: Mark L. Miller Pencils: Steve Babb Cover Artist(s):  1 covers: Steve BabbNANNY & HANK Vol.1 - The critically acclaimed miniseries mixing horror & heart from AICN Comics writer Mark L. Miller gets collected! Nanny & Hank are ready for their golden years, but a blood-drunk vampire turns their life upside down!  Now the elderly pair must deal with becoming creatures of the night & take care of their ornery grandkids too!The IMAGINATION MANIFESTO: Book 2: graphic novelRetail Price: 19.99 - Hard cover Writer: GMB Chomichuk with John Toone and James Rewucki Pencils: GMB Chomichuk Cover Artist(s): GMB ChomichukNominated for the best new book at the “Manitoba Book Awards”. he Imagination Manifesto: Book Two is a graphic (as in bloody) novel about robots, superheroes, monsters, and cowboys that decide our future will be dark, beautiful, and illusive. Writer/Artist GMB Chomichuk mashes the poetry of John Toone and the screenplay of James Rewucki into this literary experiment where mind-altering agents and the unimaginable define the cosmopolitan as something scary. Judo Girl: So You Wanna Revolution #2Writer: Chad Rebmann Pencils: Gregg Paulsen Cover Artist(s):  2 covers: Gregg Paulsen & NexIn part 2 of her all mini series, Judo Girl makes her dramatic re appearance on the super hero scene. Which garners the attention of The Revolution, now headed by Steel, the son of her long ago arch nemesis! Unaware that Judo Girl is now a mole for the government, Steel makes a Faustian deal with her to join his anarchist group. The deal is sweetened by having her former allies Polar and Wonderboy on the group, along with a free spirited old school vibe.  This jives with Judo Girl's 60's sensibilities and she finds strangely drawn to the groups beliefs, especially with the cynical state of modern day super heroes. Will Judo Girl stay loyal to Agent Riley and the government, especially when Steel offers the location of her missing brother, Judo Boy? Find out as the past and future collide with Judo Girl! FAME: Justin Bieber: The graphic novelWriter: Tara Broeckel Ooten Pencils: Claudio Avella Cover Artist(s):  1 covers: Francesco CrisciLike The Beatles, Justin Bieber started life in simple public housing, and also like The Beatles, he is forced to balance fame with his humble beginnings as he comes of age with the whole world screaming his name. Fame: Justin Bieber traces the career of this Youtube sensation from his musical childhood in Ontario to the stage of his first headlining tour.  This special graphic novel edition  has a bunch of extras. Styx and Stone #4Writers: Adam Gragg & Darren G. Davis Pencils: Stefano Cardoselli Cover Artist(s): Stefano CardoselliIn the series finale, Upon returning from South Africa, Detective Mel Stone was put on medical leave after he was found almost dead on the cargo ship he was on with no explanation and almost no memory of what happened to him.  All the questions are answered. Vincent Price Presents: The Return of Dr. Phibes #28Writer: Mel Smith, Clark Castillo & Paul H Birch Pencils: Mats EngestenWith Jonathon Trout blinded by vengeance it falls to Thomas Brozowski to throw caution to the wind and accept the unbelievable for The diabolical schemes of Dr Phibes escalate to fiendishly greater heights as the clock ticks towards a new millennium!