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Matt McGloin

Blackest Night Friday: 99 Cents an issue!


DC has announced that for today only you can buy all the Blackest Night titles for only $.99 through the DC Digital Comic Store, and the DC Comics App and the Comixology App (both available via iTunes)! After the sale prices return to the norm of $2.99 and $1.99 - so go get them while you can! "This is a rare chance to get the epic, universe-altering series from Johns and Reis at such a bargain price. And it’s essential reading. Not only is BLACKEST NIGHT a superhero romp of the highest caliber, it’s a story that pits the heroes of the DC Universe against former friends, lovers and foes, as the dead rise to destroy everything that surrounds them. Can Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash band together to stop the swarms of Black Lanterns from dragging the entire universe into a new Dark Age?"