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Byron Brewer

Best Cosmic Moments of 2010


2010: A Space Odyssey By Byron Brewer, Managing Editor   The staff of Cosmic Book News was shuffling around our offices here at Knowhere over the weekend, lamenting the pricing of the coming Annihilators teamed with Rocket and Groot (see Matt McGloin’s terrific editorial) and the possible fates of Nova and Star-Lord when I noted it is almost time for a brand new year. In that spirit, we would be interested in the Cosmic fans’ choices for Top 10 Cosmic Comic Moments of 2010. Now I usually only cover the Marvel U., so I cannot speak for Green Lantern and all the DC concerns. I wish someone would, however, perhaps on the CBN Forum or in the comments below. But when you can, hop to the Forum for this thread, or comment below, and list your Top 10 moments for the Marvel U. (and like I said DC and the indies as well, if you are so inclined). Do not list a book or event, though, but important moments from those books/events. Case in point: Do not say “No. 5: Thanos Imperative: Ignition one-shot.” Instead, pick a moment like “No. 5: Thanos bursting out of the cocoon” or “No. 10: The Chaos King killing Nightmare.” You get the drift, right? List your Top 10, I will tally them before year’s end, double-check them with the Powers That Be here at CBN and then present our overall Fans’ Top 10 Marvel U Cosmic Moments in a new article upcoming. Have fun, and stay Cosmic!