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Matt McGloin

Ben Walker is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter




Actor Ben Walker has been named to star in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as the lead role, according to

AL:VH sees "Honest Abe" taking on the slave owning blood-suckers that murdered his family. At an early age, Abe learns the vampires killed his mother and he goes on a life long vendetta to destroy them. Lincoln kept kept a secret diary on his quest whcih was given to an author - from a vampire.

Walker's acting credits include Beast in the upcoming X-Men: First Class prequel, Flags of our Fathers, Coach and All Saints Day.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is being produced by Bekmambetov, Tim Burton and Jim Lemley - and adapted from the 2010 Seth Graham-Smith novel of the same name. 20th Century Fox is the studio behind the movie.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hits theaters June 22nd, 2012 in 3-D.