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Exclusive: Batman Reboot 2016 Is Coming; Superman Man of Steel Trailer Rumors; Justice League Movie Updates


2432 Cosmic Book News received some more news from our DC Entertainment source.

Previously we were the first to inform you about the 2016 Batman movie reboot, the DC shared movie universe starting with the Man of Steel, and more.

We also told you some info about the Green Lantern movie before it was released, as well as some early Man of Steel script spoilers that made their way into the final version of the movie.

The latest news is more of an update in regards to our earlier report on the Justice League and related movies.

Warner Bros. is going ahead with a shared movie universe. Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman films are in development. "Green Lantern 2" is currently in limbo and will be decided after the Justice League movie, with Ryan Reynolds' return currently up in the air as well.

A number of names have been attached to direct the Justice League movie: from Christopher Nolan, to David Yates, to the Wachowski's, to Ben Affleck, and Brett Ratner. Originally we were told a director was to be named in September, now we are told an announcement is expected in January.

3367 Our source says details regarding Will Beall's Justice League movie script and plot are hard to come by, but it's speculated that the villain will either be Braniac or Darkseid.

"Batman reboot DEFINITELY coming in 2016!" we are told.

As previously rumored, the next Man of Steel trailer is attached to the December 14th premiere of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. Our source tells us the Man of Steel trailer will be around 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length and feature the War on Krypton, Zod, Faora, Jor-El and Lara.

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