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The Baron Von Frankenstein: A Hollywood Fairytale -- New Graphic Novel from VIPER COMICS!





Arriving in Hollywood in the 50’s to star in their own movies, Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man, the Cyclops and the first family of horror; the Baron Von Frankenstein, his son the Monster and trusty servant Igor have seen their glory days fade. Just so many unemployed actors, they pass their time playing cards at the Monsters and Magicians Union Hall and dream of being big stars again.

Everything changes when the Baron mysteriously vanishes, POOF! Into thin air after voting against the Monsters on the licensing of their likenesses for TV commercials.

When Igor and the Monster discover that the Monsters are glad the Baron is gone, and have no interest in helping find him, they remember their roles in the movie” Frankenstein Meets Sherlock Holmes “ and set about solving “The Case of the Missing Baron.”  


About the Author: The "BARON VON FRANKENSTEIN" is based on an original screenplay by Richard Rothstein. Richard lives in Los Angles with his wife and three kids. He created, wrote, directed and was the showrunner on the hit HBO series, "THE HITCHHHIKER", based on the EC Comics "Tales From the Crypt", and wrote the original screenplay for "UNIVERSAL SOLDIER." 

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