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Awesome: Watch 4 Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again (Animated Video)


Star Wars: Episode VII is slated for a 2015 release with production looking to begin soon. There have been rumors galore ranging from the latest with Benedict Cumberbatch as a Sith Lord to the spinoffs, at one time said to feature the origin of Yoda.

To say fans are excited about new Star Wars would be a galactic understatement as with Disney acquiring LucasFilm and bringing J.J. Abrams on board comes a new hope.  Many fans were disappointed with the Star Wars prequels that saw the likes of Jar Jar Binks and pod races. For some, the prequels were vastly different than the original trilogy and did not live up to expectations.

Now a new animated video has surfaced online stating four rules to make Star Wars great again. It comes from Prescott Harvey of the creative agency Sincerely, Truman, that also helped out with production on the video, which took a total of five months. 

The video is really well done and nails the points home why the prequels weren't such a hit.

Harvey offers the following (via io9):

Like so many people, I've spent most of my recent years wondering why the original Star Wars trilogy was so awesome, and the new movies were so terrible. What are the factors that make Star Wars, Star Wars? I took an empirical approach, determining what elements were in the original movies that differed from the prequels. My first major epiphany was that, in the originals, the characters are always outside somewhere very remote. The environment and the wildlife are as much a threat as the empire. All three movies had this bushwacky, exploratory feel. Contrast that with the prequels, where the characters are often in cities, or in the galactic senate. In order for Star Wars to feel like a true adventure, the setting has to be the frontier, and this became my first rule. After that I started brainstorming with friends, and reading online opinions. Gradually a script took shape. 

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