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Avengers Assemble #1 Preview: Mark Bagley Draws The Hulk (Inks)


All this week Marvel is featuring exclusive art from the upcoming new Avengers title, Avengers Assemble, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.

Yesterday saw a spotlight on Captain America, with Bagley providing comments on how he draws Cap, as well as a first look inside the issue.

Today, Marvel has an additional page with more from Bagley - this time on The Hulk.

“He’s had so many personality shifts over the years, from raging inarticulate monster, to a scientist’s brain in the [body of a] beast, to innocent childlike victim of the world,” Bagley says of The Hulk. “It’s gonna be interesting to see how Brian and I portray him as a member of the team. I would say it goes against the nature of the character, but as I said, there have been so many deviations from the Hulk’s original theme that I think we have some wiggle room here."

Avengers Assembles hits March 14th.