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Arrow Season Two Gets Navid Negahban As League Of Assassins Main Villain



The last couple days have seen some really cool news regarding season two of Arrow as the fifth episode title was revealed to be "League Of Assassins," and now the main villain is announced as well with Homeland's Navid Negahban.

Navid Negahban will be playing Al-Owal, the main adversary this season to Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell.

EOnline reports that Al-Owal is indeed a member of the League Of Assassins as is John Barrowman's character, Merlyn, with mention that Ra's al Ghul is the leader; however, the report is unclear if that applies to the TV series or just the comic books.

Initial rumors surrounding Barrowman's character in Arrow suggested he was Bruce Wayne, which turns out not to be all that far off as the League of Assassins is featured heavily in the Batman comic books, as well as most recently known as the "League of Shadows" in the Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy.

The character of Al-Owal, the naming meaning "The First" in Arabic, is described as a formidable foe, close to Oliver, and one proficient with a scimatar.

Arrow season two premiers Wednesday, October 9th at 8pm ET with the season set to introduce The Flash.

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