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Matt McGloin

Anthrax's Scott Ian On New DC Demon Etrigan Series


Scott Ian, founding member and guitarist for the band Anthrax, tweeted earlier that he met with his editor at DC Comics and confirms he will be writing "The Demon. Etrigan." Ian has written for DC before with artist Sam Keith on Lobo: Highway to Hell. The Demon Etrigan is a demon from Hell that talks in rhyme and is paired with Jason Blood - a former Knight of Camelot. At times Etrigan is seen sided with the heroes, while also opposing them depending on his own nefarious plans. Last seen during Brightest Day, in the pages of Justice League #44, The Demon attempted to get hold of the Starheart - a legendary entity that has the power to possess metahumans with magical or elemental abilities. He was stopped by Donna Troy.