Another Meltdown At DC Comics: Andy Diggle Off Action Comics?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
03/19/2013 - 12:03pm


If you recall, there seemed to be editorial discrepancies abound at DC Comics; however, that seemed all to be fixed as Dan DiDio was reported to have apologized to their creators and such.

Well, maybe it's not over yet as the latest creative change coming from DC Comics appears to be Andy Diggle off Action Comics.

As in already.

Diggle was just named Grant Morrison's replacement, with his super debut delayed an issue to give Morrison one more to wrap his run up.

Now Bleeding Cool is reporting that they have heard Andy Diggle is off Action Comics -- basically before he has even started.

Diggle's first issue on Action Comics is #19 with artist Tony Daniel hits tomorrow. Update: #18 hits tomorrow.

Of course we don't know if Diggle's departure is true or not, but BS states both DC Comics and Andy Diggle didn't comment.

We also don't know if this is due to editorial or not.

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