Annihilators Earthfall #2: 6 Kick Ass Panels That Rock!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
10/26/2011 - 1:23pm


Annihilators: Earthfall #2 hits stores today.

Check out the all the Assemblers in action!

Here we see Gladiator taking out both Ms. Marvel and Iron Man! I would pay to see that again and again and again...


Next up, is Ronan Vs. Captain America! Ronan can also be found in current issues of FF battling on Earth, as well! I do like Cap, so hopefully Ronan doesn't give us Rebirth #2.


This one shows the Red Hulk hot on the heels of Beta Ray Bill! We know the Rulk has previously taken down not only the Silver Surfer, but a Watcher, so this most likely doesn't bode well for Bill.


Wolverine vs. Gladiator! We all knew it was coming as they have both tussled in the pages of the X-Books for some time now! SNIKKT!


The ever livin' blue eyed Thing packs it to Ronan The Accuser! Though The Thing might have a heart of gold on the inside, he's hard as a rock when it really comes down to it!


Last up, we see the Cosmic Avenger along side the Amazing Spider-Man! Fans might have thought that Cap and Quasar would be the ones to reconnect, but Wendell and Pete did team up way back in Mark Gruenwald's Quasar #7 -- where Quasar took on the Cosmic Spider-Man, and helped to take down Terminus!


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