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Andy Lanning Wants A Richard Rider Nova Movie



With Marvel Studios adapting Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy movie for the big screen this August, and with director James Gunn including use of the Nova Corps, it can't be helped but wondered if we'll eventually see a Richard Rider movie.

Speaking with Sci-Fi Now magazine, Andy Lanning says he would love to see Richard Rider Nova made into a movie.

Having one film based on your work is a once in a lifetime happening, having two would probably have me dancing like Snoopy on crack!

Lanning was also happy about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and offered:

They have really nailed the tone and feel of the comic book we did, seeing Rocket and Groot in action will never fail to make me whimper with joy!

Abnett and Lanning penned Marvel Cosmic since 2006 with Annihilation: Nova which led to the Nova ongoing monthly comic book, followed by more cosmic events and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Last we saw of Richard Rider Nova was when he helped save the universe with Star-Lord from Thanos in the best-selling The Thanos Imperative Marvel Cosmic event.

While Thanos and Star-Lord have since surfaced in the Marvel Comics, it's unknown what became of Richard Rider Nova as Marvel has since rebooted Nova using a less popular character and one that sells consistently less than the Richard Rider Nova.

Regarding future Marvel Cosmic movies, James Gunn recently stated that Guardians of the Galaxy connects with The Avengers 3, and Gunn also previously said he would like to launch a Marvel Cosmic movie franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger also said that Guardians of the Galaxy movie spinoffs where possible.

We agree with Andy Lanning and think Richard Rider Nova would work well on the big screen.

(Thanks to CBN UK Correspondent Darren Blackburn for the quotes; Darren is also a big Nova fan and the creator behind the Nova 619 fan-fic web comic)

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