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Matt McGloin

AMC's The Walking Dead Keeps On Walking


*Spoilers For the TV Show and Comic*   Last night saw the conclusion to AMC and Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. I couldn't help but think if the show bombed in ratings, the entire cast would have went up with the CDC. Glad to see that wasn't the case as the show does have strong ratings and a second season with thirteen episodes is in the works. Overall, I was happy with how the comic was presented. If anything, I think it goes to show the difference between comics and television. We see in the TV series that some of the cast have survived - especially with Shane - while in the comics they seem to go down like dominoes. I think this has to do with a TV audience being connected to and liking the characters. In order for the show to continue, the TV series needs a stable of characters that viewers can recognize and identity with. I'm ok with that. However, I do have faith at least some of the cast will meet their maker at the literal hands of the Walkers! I also noticed that Laurie seems to be less...bitter? - than compared to the comic. I wonder if they are going to bring her pregnancy into this? It's been a while since I read the early issues but I seem to recall that Laurie and Rick were still on uneven terms throughout the comic? Speaking of Shane and Laurie, last night's episode had the obligatory drunk-rape scene that I saw coming from a gazillion miles away. At this time in the comic, Carl had already shot Shane while they were still camped out in the woods. As we saw with the TV series with Shane pointing the gun at Rick, in the comic Shane was going to follow through but Carl had followed him and saved his dad. So far, we haven't seen much of Carl which I suppose is understandable with only six one hour episodes thus far. Definitely, a rereading of the comic is called for and I believe Image is putting out reprints of The Walking Dead weekly come this January. Also, in last night's episode we were left with a Kirkman cliff-hanger! What did Dr. Edmund Jenner tell Rick as the group was fleeing the CDC? And why a whisper and so secret? Regarding the CDC, which is another major difference than the comic, Robert Kirkman answered a fan's question on the topic at AMC: Q: The comic book series didn't include a story about the CDC. What is the motivation behind that part of the show? -- Andrew Neisess A: That was something Frank [Darabont] came at me with very early on. And I think that it's a good idea: When you're in that area, and there exists something like the CDC, it's only logical that those people would seek that out in order to get answers. I don't think that the fact that it didn't happen in the comic book is a good enough reason not to do it. I liked the addition of Dr. Jenner and the different things that came about from their time there. And for any purists that are angry about it, all I would say is the episode ends with them in an RV, going off down an open road. For all we know they're five miles away from Hershel's farm. I can't wait to see Hershel's farm. I think that would be a cool storyline. I would like to see Maggie, Glenn's love interest. I'm anxious to see who's going to play Michonne, and how she's going to be played on screen. That'd be pretty cool. Obviously, Darabont has a big influence on The Walking Dead show; heck, he just canned all the writers. I just hope I don't have to write-up a "Kirkman Goes Corporate" article any time soon! With that, I'll leave you with a behind the scenes look at episode six of The Walking Dead! Great show and congrats to Robert Kirkman and Image for sticking with the title from the beginning. Just think we might have had a Nova series if Marvel did the same! Doh!