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Amazing Spider-Man #699 Spoilers?! Peter Parker Whaa-?!


4429 This week sees the follow-up to the controversial issue of Amazing Spider-Man #698 where Doc Ock somehow managed to switch bodies with Peter Parker!

There are two issues that actually come out this week that are related to #698 with Avenging Spider-Man #15 as well as Amazing Spider-Man #699.

Someone e-mailed us a brief note about what happens in Amazing Spider-Man #699 -- revealing the fate of Peter Parker!

Check them out below.


Writer: Dan Slott

Art: Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba

Colors: Edgar Delgado

Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: Paolo Rivera 


• This is the MUST READ issue that turns over all the cards and reveals secrets that have been set as far back as ENDS OF THE EARTH, SPIDER-ISLAND, and 99 issues ago in ASM #600!

• Doctor Octopus has hours left to live. He knows Peter Parker’s secret. He has no master plan—all he wants is vengeance. Which members of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery will heed Ock’s call to arms?

• Special appearances by the Lizard, the Spider-Slayer, Morbius the Living Vampire, and some surprising Spidey Foes!

Price: $3.99 

In Stores: Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 


Last we saw of Peter Parker in Doc Ock's body was that he had seemingly taken his last breath of life and the EKG had gone beeeep!

Is that the end of Pete?


Peter Parker is saved by none other than -- a group of villains that break out "Ock" and get him to a hideout!

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