Posted by: Byron Brewer

Advanced review: Warlord of Mars #32

Arvid Nelson
Wagner Reis
Inlight Studios
Marshall Dillon
Joe Jusko
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: 
January 15, 2014


Warlord John Carter cedes all his power and title to the mysteriously returned grandsire of Dejah Thoris, but not all the peoples of Barsoom are of the same opinion as the new “Prince” Carter – and they make their objections known … to John Carter and Tardos Mors.

Arvid Nelson continues his excellent study of the folks of the Red Planet, their manners and mores, in Warlord of Mars #32. What do you do when a deceased king drops from a ruby in a mysterious tower? Well, John Carter is doing what he thinks is right, what his wife would want.

But what is the deal with the Lost Jeddak? Not even Dejah Thoris can understand some of the happenings around Tardos Mors.

Suddenly, there is blood on the streets of Helium and it seems that the Lost Jeddak is, one by one, undoing all the good that came from the works of John Carter when he was ruler.

Will it all end in smoke, or death? Nelson does a wonderful job of heading readers in the right direction with this issue.

The art of Wagner Reis carries Nelson’s story and adds that Burroughs touch of visualization, of uniformity in the landscapes of Barsoom and the various peoples of the Red Planet. His panel arrangements and action sequences are equally excellent, leaving the reader breathless by the last page.

For a great sci-fi yarn and continuing space opera every month (and sometimes more!), it’s hard to find a book better on the stands today than Warlord of Mars.


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