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Advanced Review: Turok, Dinosaur Hunter #2

Greg Pak
Mirko Colak, Cory Smith
Lauren Affe
Marshall Dillon
Bart Sears
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: 
March 5, 2014


Those who are not great fans of history may turn a dark eye to Dynamite’s new rendition of Gold Key’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, but do not be so fast. Last issue was full of soulful meaning and introspection, and #2 is no different.

It is 1210 and we hit Manhattan with a band of Crusaders who just happen to have a ship full of dinosaurs. These are not your old timey Gold Key/Godzilla dinosaurs, but realistic looking residents of the Earth a few mil ago. Together with his “friend” who was just about to kill him, our shunned tribesman Turok observes the impossible and strives to understand, strives to aright justice in his own mind as his fellow Native Americans are tortured and slain.

As usual, it is all about the Benjamins. In this case, the love of gold.

Writer Greg Pak fills each issue (and there have only been two) with so much character development, so much texture and background that it feels like a flarkin’ annual. I cannot wait until the rest of the Gold Key Universe appears to see if those mags can keep up with the current franchise forerunner. Pak is hitting his stride here as a plotter and scripter, and shows a new maturity in his use of storytelling form.

Meanwhile, Mirko Colak is filling this book with such eye-popping art that each panel looks like wallpaper I would love to download. The detail is tremendous, reminding me of the painstaking work Barry Smith used to put in Conan the Barbarian back in the day at Marvel. And if you do remember those classic sagas, then you have a good comparison for what Pak and Colak are doing here.

I cannot imagine any great praise than that.  


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