Posted by: Byron Brewer

Advanced Review: The Shadow #23

Chris Roberson
Giovanni Timpano
Fabricio Guerra
Rob Steen
Alex Ross
Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: 
March 19, 2014


They say that sometimes questions are best left unanswered.

That may be how our noir hero will feel after he begins to near the object of his globe-hopping search in The Shadow #23.

From the lush wetland jungles of Guatamala to the skyscrapers of more familiar New York City, the Shadow has followed clue after clue searching for the secret of The Girasol. Now he may have reached what he has long sought. The real question he faces is, does he really want to know its mysteries?

Writer Chris Roberson puts the Shadow – and us as readers – through quite a journey on the road to a rather shocking conclusion, one that may or may not be what the Shadow (or we) needed to discover.

At each step during this storyline, Roberson has incredibly maintained the enigma of the character, as he operates among humans and in the dead of night. It is an incredibly hard chore, I would imagine, because the writer is being true to the character as well as trying to tell a story exciting to modern comic book readers. This is a rousing success.

I really love Giovanni Timpano’s version of the character, and I grow more familiar with each issue. Timpano’s art of storytelling may be second to none, and his choice of panel arrangement and facial expressions (or lack thereof) really embellishes the mood Roberson is trying to create/preserve.

I sometimes find it hard to get into the world of the Shadow. But with issues like this, I have no difficulty at all. Great mystery, fantastic read.


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