Advanced Review: Harbinger #7

Joshua Dysart
Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, Khari Evans
Ian Hannin
Dan Brown
Rob Steen
Mico Suayan, Emanuela Lupacchino
Valiant Entertainment
Release Date: 
December 19th, 2012


A trio runs from near death at the hands of Toyo Harada, two of them are psiots while the third -- a mere mortal. But it is this mortal's cunning that has been keeping the trio alive. Her sheer will to live has given them time to escape, time to heal their wounds and most importantly -- time to plan. This trio is done with being chased into hiding, they are finished with being hunted, it is time to recruit others to their cause of justice. It is time to prepare for war!

Harbinger #7 is an in depth look at the newest recruit in the war against Harada -- Flamingo!  It is a harrowing look at how a young woman, Charlene Dupre, has gone from a small town 'bad girl" to a used and abused denizen of backwoods hell. Her tale is one all to often seen in reality, making the reader instantly connect with her on an emotional level. We may not agree with her choices or lifestyle, but we can empathize with her inner turmoil and outward pain. It is tough to "watch" her tale as we are led down memory lane from her perspective, but it is these kind of stories that make this book continually a "must buy" every month! The sheer amount of depth given to this character in but a single issue is astonishing!

Joshua Dysart is a maestro at creating powerful characters. Not just with their outward psiot abilities, but with the fractured beings underneath all that power, the "human" aspect that gives great range and duality to the character. Each character is completely multifaceted, creating a world that the reader is emotionally tethered to despite all of the "super powered" things going on in it. It is the "grounding" of the characters in an insane world that makes this book completely unique in the genre and it has captured the hearts of a new generation of Valiant readers!

Sultry, stunning and completely sensational, Harbinger #7 is the pinnacle of character driven stories! So, don't miss the debut of the next amazing character in the Valiant universe -- Flamingo! Believe me, she's totally "hot!"


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