Advanced Review: Harbinger #3

Joshua Dysart
Khari Evans, Lewis Larosa
Ian Hannin
Moose Baumann
Rob Steen
Arturo Lozzi, Matt Milla
Valiant Entertainment
Release Date: 
August 15th, 2012


Peter Stancheck has decided that his old life has become too dangerous for his friends. So, for their safety, he has hesitantly joined the Harbinger Foundation in order to learn more about his abilities. But, sometimes, the more you learn about yourself — the more you have to fear!

The plot evolves to a new level between the pages of issue three, and we are introduced to a vast array of characters that will forever change the life of Peter Stancheck. Joshua Dysart creates a horrific picture of Peter's past as flashback sequences envelop us. These sequences tend to make Peter a paradoxical character — one rife with power and yet, teeming with a crippling uncertainty to wield it. The fear of his past and the questioning of his future actions, mixed with an overwhelming cockiness, make Dysart's Peter Stancheck character one of the best on the shelves today! 

Joshua Dysart continues to bring one of Vailiant's most beloved books to the forefront of the industry. Completely immersive and highly recommended, Harbinger mixes dramatic character pieces with high octane action sequences that leaves you clamoring for more! Old fans will enjoy the way Dysart weaves elements and characters of the original book into his completely new vision, while new readers won't miss a beat trying decipher old plot threads. It is a cornucopia of ideas that everyone can thoroughly enjoy — no matter which decade they became a fan in!


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