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ABC Considering Star Wars TV Show; Possibly Similar To The Avengers & SHIELD


5008 For quite sometime a live-action Star Wars television show has been in development, but reportedly due to budgetary concerns never came to be.

However, now that Star Wars and Lucasfilm are at Disney, we just might eventually see the dark side and the good side of The Force battling it out on the boob tube, and it might be something along the lines of what Disney is doing with the Marvel Studios properties.

ABC entertainment president Paul Lee said they are definitely considering it, but aren't quite sure as of yet.

"We’d love to do something with Lucasfilm, we’re not sure what yet,” Lee told EW. “We haven’t even sat down with them. We’re going to look at [the live-action series], we’re going to look at all of them, and see what’s right. We weren’t able to discuss this with them until [the acquisition] closed and it just closed. It’s definitely going to be part of the conversation."

Lee then goes on to mention they could do something with Star Wars similar to what they are doing with The Avengers movie and the upcoming ABC S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series.

"It’s going to be very much up to the Lucasfilm brands how they want to play it. We got to a point here with Marvel, a very special point, where we’re in the Marvel universe, and very relevantly so, but we’re not doing The Avengers. But S.H.I.E.L.D. is part of The Avengers. So maybe something oblique is the way to [approach the Star Wars universe] rather than going straight head-on at it," Lee said.

It's also said that George Lucas has over 50 scripts ready for the Star Wars TV show, and EW also says that writers such as Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore have written some of them. The plot is said to involve - perhaps - a bounty hunter with the story set between the prequels and the originals. Concept art and set designs are also ready as Lucasfilm artists were commissioned for over a year to work on the project, but at $5 million an episode, seemed out of the range of most TV studios -- with Lucasflim keeping the rights.

Maybe that's changed now that Disney retains them?

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