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Matt McGloin

5 Pages of Tony Moore's Venom #1 Stolen! Please, Keep An Eye Out!



The artist on the new Venom, Tony Moore (written by Rick Remender),  reports that five pages have been stolen from the box that was being sent to the inker.

Moore tweeted:

"Box of Venom pages arrived at inker's tampered with, half the pages missing. Others damaged. I think I'm gonna be sick."

Sounds like this happened while being delivered - or was the package left somewhere and then tampered with?

All is not lost, as Moore states he has high-res scans as a back-up.

However, artists like to sell their original artwork and do get a decent coin for them, so there is some monetary loss.

Moore asked that we keep an eye out for these pages:

"5 of my Venom #1 pages have been stolen. Art dealers and collectors please keep an eye out as I would like to have them back. Please repost"

If anyone sees them up on ebay or anywhere else, feel free to contact Tony Moore on his twitter ( or drop us a line here at CBN.