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5-10 X-Men Franchises Coming From Fox Says Mark Millar: Building Something Big


Mark Millar gives an update on the status of his deal with Fox Studios in being the Marvel comic book movie consultant.

While not giving any specifics, the creator behind the likes of Kick-Ass tells Collider that he believes there are around 5-10 franchises that can come out of the X-Men universe.

Millar also talks about his job at Fox, and says it's not necessarily just ideas being thrown around and whether they are "cool" or "not cool," but says while there is that to a degree, he is involved working with the studios execs and more in a broader sense. He uses the X-Force movie as an example stating he brought Jeff Wadlow in before any of the other studies could nab him.

With that being said, Millar then says, without trying to give anything away, that Fox is building to something big (which sounds like Fantastic Four may be a part of down the road).

You can check out the entire video below for more with Millar.


Speaking of the possible 5-10 X-Men franchises Fox may end up doing, here is our list:

X-Men (ongoing)

Wolverine (ongoing)

X-Force (Kick-Ass 2's Jeff Wadlow is currently writing with an eye to direct)


New Mutants

Magneto (been talked about for years)

Deadpool (Fox seems hesitant to green light an R rated superhero movie)


Star Jammers/Shi'ar/Imperial Guard (X-Men Cosmic movie?)

Age Of Apocalypse

Namor (could be a shared character similar to Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch)

Xavier School For Gifted Mutants


Possibilities for Fantastic Four:

Fantastic Four

Silver Surfer/Galactus


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