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4 Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor Images & Trophies Revealed


WB released four new images from the Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor video game as well as new assets, achievements and trophies, which also includes Gollum.





Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor achievements and trophies:

A Graug's Heel (10 GP): Capitalize on a Warchief's fear

A Mighty Doom (10 GP): Acquire a level 25 rune

A New Master (15 GP): Brand a Captain while in combat

And it Burns, Burns, Burns (15 GP): Use the detonate ability to burn 50 Uruks

Bearer of the Shining Lamp (20 GP): Collect 100 percent of the Ithildin

Black Celebration (15 GP): Poison a captain at his own feast

Burning Vengeance (15 GP): Perform an execution on a flaming berserker

Crowned with Living Light (10 GP): Collect 50 percent of the Ithildin

Divide and Conquer (15 GP): Eliminate the bodyguards of two Warchiefs, then draw them out and kill them

Fire of Justice (30 GP): Complete all Urfael Legend Missions

Fly you fools! (10 GP): Make 20 Uruks flee by dropping Morgai Fly nests

Height of Despair (10 GP): Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above the target

Iron of Death (10 GP): Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target

Jaws of Death (10 GP): Attract caragors with bait five times.

Legend of Shadow (10 GP): Complete a Dagger Mission and begin growing the legend of Acharn

Legend of Vengeance (15 GP): Complete a Sword Mission and begin growing the legend of Urfael

Legend of the Maker (10 GP): Complete a Bow Mission and begin growing the legend of Azkâr

Liberator (30 GP): Complete all Outcast Rescue Missions

Lord and Master (10 GP): Brand all five Warchiefs

Master of the Wilds (20 GP): Complete all Hunting Challenges

Memories of Eregion (20 GP): Activate all Forge Towers

No Power in Numbers (10 GP): Help a Captain survive a Recruitment Power Struggle, and then kill him and all his new recruits

Paid in Blood (20 GP): Unlock four Dagger Rune slots

Paths of the Dead (20 GP): Collect 25 percent of the Artifacts

Power Vacuum (10 GP): Kill all five Warchiefs before any Uruk takes their place

Ranger of Ithilien (20 GP): Complete all Survivalist Challenges

Repaid in Blood (10 GP): Complete a Vendetta Mission

Rise and Fall (20 GP): After an Uruk kills Talion to become a Captain, help him become a Warchief, then kill him

Scout of the Morannon (20 GP): Successfully complete a Survivalist Challenge

Shadows of the Ancient Past (30 GP): Collect 100 percent of the Artifacts and listen to their memories

Stinking Rebels (20 GP): Brand five Bodyguards of a Warchief, turning them against him in combat

Strike True (20 GP): Unlock two Bow Rune slots

The Cold Light (20 GP): Unlock three Sword Rune slots

The Free Folk (15 GP): Complete an Outcast Rescue Mission

The Last Shadow (30 GP): Complete all Acharn Legend Missions

The Maker's Bow (30 GP): Complete all Azkâr Legend Missions

The Spirit of Mordor (20 GP): Start a Riot by commanding a Warchief to attack another Warchief

The White Rider (15 GP): Liberate 30 slaves in 180 seconds while riding a caragor

Thrill of the Hunt (20 GP): Successfully complete four Hunting Challenges

Unleashed (10 GP): Free five caragors from cages

You Will Obey (20 GP): Make an Uruk yours

Playstation Exclusive:

Master of Mordor: Platinum trophy for unlocking all achievements

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor delivers a dynamic game environment where the player orchestrates their personal plan of vengeance as they bend Mordor to their will. The game begins on the night of Sauron’s return to Mordor, as his Black Captains brutally execute the Rangers of the Black Gate. Players become Talion, a ranger who loses his family and everything he holds dear, only to be returned from death by a mysterious Spirit of vengeance. Based on the player’s actions with the in-game Nemesis System, every enemy encountered is distinct and can evolve to become a personal archenemy through the course of the game. As Talion’s personal vendetta unfolds, players uncover the mystery of the Spirit that compels him, discover the origin of the Rings of Power and confront the ultimate nemesis.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will launch in the Americas on September 30, 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; and on October 2, 2014 for PC and Steam.


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