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Matt McGloin

2010 VGAs: Put a Spike in it! At least Mass Effect 3 Trailer was cool!


Just finished watching Spike TV's 2010 Video Game awards and I gotta go on record and say it was one of the cruddiest things I ever watched on tv. The skits were so badly written from the opening that saw host Neil Patrick Harris gunning down a bunch of dancers (to mistimed machine gun fire) - to Oliva Munn (what on earth were you wearing?!) going on how she should have been the host or which Video Game star she would date - to a budget Spider-Man version of the Annoying Orange arguing with Doogie Howser -- it was awful. The saving grace, of course, were the cool trailers and the ever lovin' blue eyed Thing, Mr. Michael Chiklis, who attempted to give viewers at home a little sneak peak that wasn't on the agenda. Nice! Mass Effect 3 did look pretty awesome. Guess, I'll have to finally spring for a ps3 or xbox. Thor reminded me of the God of War series a bit. Someone could have done a better job with Hemsworth's lines! Come on (lol)! I wasn't a big fan of the set either, which was basically a big platorm with a neon lighted border and some fog. I was waiting for Ford or Chevy to bring out their latest vehicles. Overall, seemed like a B-budget production. Oh well...I'll know better next year. Below is the Mass Effect 3 trailer: