Ultimate Spider-Man

Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #2 Preview

The young heroes of the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE gather together to save New York from the terror of GALACTUS!!!

Bendis Doesn't Deny Or Confirm Death Of The Ultimate Universe: Just Wants To Tell A F'n Story

Bendis sounds off on all the speculation, rumors and websites.

Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2 Premiere Introduces Electro & Lizard

Ultimate Spider-Man debuts with a one hour 2-part special featuring the Lizard and Electro.

Rocket Raccon Is A Joke Character; Guardians of the Galaxy To Appear In Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon Written By Bendis

Rocket Raccoon is referred to as a "joke character" by Marvel and Bendis spills the news about the Guardians and Ultimate Spider-Man.


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