Tron 3

Tron 3 Will Be Empire Strikes Back Says Director Joseph Kosinski

Joseph Kosinski talks the status of Tron 3, comparing it to Empire Strikes Back.

Garrett Hedlund Returns For Tron 3

Garrett Hedlund will return to Disney's "Tron 3," reprising as Sam Flynn.

Tom Cruise & Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion Movie Poster Released

The first movie poster for Joseph Kosinski and Tom Cruise's SF movie, Oblivion, has been released.

Tron 3 Green Lit By Disney; Sequel to Legacy

Disney has made Tron 3 a priority, is hiring a writer and Joseph Kosinski is back on board.

Video: Tron: Legacy: Blu-Ray Extra "The Next Day" clip

The footage rumored from January about a "Tron 3" trailer on the "Legacy" Blu-Ray edition has been made available.

Tron 3 Teaser Trailer Updated: "Disc Roars"

More details emerge regarding the Tron 3 trailer with news about "Disc Roars" being part of the Tron:Legacy DVD.

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