Tom Brevoort

Fantastic Four Comic Cancelled May 2015 Hints Brevoort

Time runs out for the FF in May of 2015?

Marvel Comics Announces "Time Runs Out" Avengers Event

Double-sized issues; kicks off in September.

Dear Tom Brevoort: Why Not Just Leave DnA On Guardians of the Galaxy?

Thanks for the answer, Tom. Something we've been saying all along...

Tom Brevoort Says There Are No Cosmic Books At Marvel Anymore

Marvel nixes intelligent comics to feed their zombies.

Exclusive: Jim Starlin returns to Marvel & Ron Lim, and so do Thanos and Adam Warlock

Starlin talks about his upcoming Marvel Cosmic projects and more.

Op-Ed: The Lo(e)botomization of Nova

Timelord sounds off right in time for Nova's "100th" issue!

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