Star Trek Into Darkness

Watch A Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scene "Captain's Log"

Kirk's entry following the opening scene.

2014 Oscar Nominations Announced; No Man Of Steel; Iron Man 3 Gets Nominated

Star Trek Into Darkness, Gravity, Lone Ranger, The Hobbit get nominated.

2014 BAFTA Nominations Announced; Includes Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Pacific Rim

Watch Luke Evans announce the nominations and more via Famous Movie News.

Star Trek: Khan #1 Preview

Witness the shocking origin of Khan Noonien Singh!

J.J. Abrams Hints Star Trek 3 Will Be More Like Fans Expect; Talks Rupert Wyatt (Video)

Abrams gives a quick update on Star Trek and his involvement.

Dear Bob Orci: The Internet Is Right; Star Trek Into Darkness Is Awful

STID now On Demand: EIC Matt McGloin says it's the Loeb and Bendis version of Wrath of Khan.

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