Silver Surfer

Someone Dies In Marvel Comics This Week (Spoiler)

Reversing the trend seen in the past couple of weeks, Marvel lives up to their "killing a character every quarter" formula.

Hero Clix Galactic Guardians: Annihilators, Nova, Adam Warlock, Magus, Lord Mar-vell, more!

Characters from the last few years worth of Marvel Cosmic storylines come to life in these all new collectible figures that are a part of the Hero Clix game.

Brew's Crew: Mephisto

There is no greater demon, greater evil in the entire Marvel Universe as ... Mephisto!

NYCC 2011: Diamond Select Silver Surfer Bottle Opener

Diamond Select Toys revealed the following bottle openers of Silver Surfer, Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and Cap's shield.

SDCC 2011: And the world still needs -- The Defenders!

M.E. Byron Brewer investigates the cosmic conspiracy that threatens the Marvel U. in Fraction and Dobson's "The Defenders."

SDCC 2011: Marvel Announces 'The Defenders' by Fraction and Dodson

Described as a "cosmic conspiracy," debuting in December will see "The Defenders #1" from Matt Fraction and "Uncanny X-Men" artist Terry Dodson.

SDCC 2011: Marvel Fear Itself Panel and Images

Follow along live AND check out all the images! The biggest comic book event of the year has everyone talking—but just want comes after it concludes?

Preview: The Mighty Thor #4

In Stores July 27th, 2011.


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