Silver Surfer

HeroClix Galactic Guardians: Hulk and Silver Surfer Revealed

HeroClix revealed the Hulk and the Silver Surfer as part of their Galactic Guardians line, which becomes available in March.

HeroClix Galactic Guardians: Morg Stands Ready For Battle!

HeroClix has released Morg, a once herald of Galactus, as part of their Galactic Guardians line.

Marvel Comics Preview: Defenders #2

Check out a look at the next issue of Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson's critically acclaimed Defenders.

The Brewer Report: Matt Fraction's Defenders: Who is Prestor John?

Wondering about the identity of the mysterious mustached man on the last page of Defenders #1, well … glad you asked!

Someone Dies In Marvel Comics This Week (Spoiler)

Reversing the trend seen in the past couple of weeks, Marvel lives up to their "killing a character every quarter" formula.

Hero Clix Galactic Guardians: Annihilators, Nova, Adam Warlock, Magus, Lord Mar-vell, more!

Characters from the last few years worth of Marvel Cosmic storylines come to life in these all new collectible figures that are a part of the Hero Clix game.

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